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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Learn how to share the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra in this 20-hour immersion training

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Want to give your students the gift of deep healing and rest?

Yoga Nidra, or the practice of yogic sleep, is quickly becoming one of the most studied styles of yoga because of it's proven benefits of anxiety, PTSD, and deep mental healing. It is often described as the practice of consciously getting to the most relaxed state you can possibly get, while staying conscious and with an awake mind. You can then plant the seed of intention, or sankulpa, here in this state to promote positive healing and intention. 


During this 20-hour immersion training you will learn how to share the practice of yoga nidra with others. During this course you will take a deep dive into the practice of yoga nidra, the history and philosophy of the practice, explore the koshas and anatomy of yoga nidra,  learn how to craft and execute strong Sankulpas, and learn how to teach this practice and share it with others. 


Course objectives

-Learn the essential principals, practices, and benefits of Yoga Nidra

-Experience Yoga Nidra first hand

-Learn how to craft and teach a yoga nidra practice

-Take a deep dive into the Koshas and learn how to reach the true self explore topics and themes for yoga nidra intentions

-Develop a strong voice for Yoga Nidra and learn how to set the scene, pick music, and deal with distractions

-Plus BONUS- teaching materials, theme ideas, scripts 

You will receive a certificate upon completion and can use this training for continued ed hours with Yoga Alliance and other fitness and wellness bodies. This training is open to anyone who wants to learn. 


2024/2025 Trainings Coming Soon

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