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Yoga Nidra Live

Practice Yoga Nidra live with Kelly each month from the comfort of your home

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What is Yoga Nidra? 

Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep” or “conscious sleep” and is a way to get your body, mind, and emotional body to be at it’s deepest state of relaxation, by putting your physical body to sleep, while keeping your mind awake and open so you can set a powerful intention, restore the physical body, and get the deep relaxation and renewal you crave

How Does The Virtual Event Work?

Doing Yoga Nidra from home is one of the best ways to do it! You will get a link to the event via email. then get your blankets, pillows, maybe you just climb right into bed and get comfortable and I will lead you through a full yoga nidra practice via Zoom video chat, and you get to lay back, relax and enjoy the practice.

What if I can't make the live event?

No worries! If you can't make the event live because you're in a different time zone, accidentally fall asleep on the couch before it starts, or something pops ups (it happens!) You will get an audio recording of the live class sent to you via email immediately after the session ends and you can do it at your convenience. 

What are the benefits of Yoga Nidra and who can practice it?

Anyone can practice Yoga Nidra! If you can hear my guidance, you can practice. 

Yoga Nidra is quickly becoming one of the most studied styles of yoga because of it's proven health benefits including reductions in insomnia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD as well as physical improvements in pain, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, and high heart rate. There are many studies being published about the benefits of Yoga Nidra including this one. 

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