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4 Week Meditation Accelerator

Meditation. Communication. Consistency. Accountability.
Think of this as the meditation bootcamp you need to make meditation a part of your life.

4 Weeks to Meditation Magic

Be a part of this exclusive meditation community where you will commit to four weeks of daily meditation with personalized help and support along the way. 

Each week you will increase the amount of time that you are meditating, and will get a bespoke meditation practice either live or pre-recorded from Kelly. Begin with 10 minutes/day on week one and build up to 30 minutes on the last day of the accelerator.

In this accelerator you will also get a weekly mini workshop exploring a common struggle with meditation and how to overcome it, and a weekly Q+A session with Kelly to get your questions answered and get personalized guidance. You can also be matched with a meditation BFF accountability partner and get exclusive access to the closed cohort community group for daily support and affirmation. 

Bonuses- 2 yoga classes, an at home retreat to kick off the accelerator, and 2 bonus workshops at the beginning and end of the program to help you get the most of out the 4 weeks and beyond.

Investment- $99

Week 1

Week one is where the magic begins. This week we will sit for 10 minutes a day and begin to build the foundation of your practice and learn how to deal with distractions while meditating. 

Week 2

Week 2. This week we are going deeper and sitting for 15 minutes/day and building on our ritual and focusing on consistency and how to get motivated to meditate each day. 

Week 3

Week 3 we go even deeper and sit for 20 minutes/day, we will also dive into creating a meditation ritual and explore different styles of meditation to help you identify your ideal style for success. 

Week 4

Week 4. You're almost there! This week we will challenge ourselves to sit in meditation for 25-30 minutes each day. This week the training wheels will begin to come off as we explore how to meditate on your own without a guide. 

Weekly Schedule

Each day you will have a live meditation, pre-recorded meditation, a live Q+A, workshop and a community check in. All live meditations will be recorded and shared in the group for replay immediately.

Monday- Live meditation 9am CST

Tuesday- Pre-recorded meditation

Wednesday- Live meditation 9am CST, live Q+A and teaching to follow

Thursday- Pre-recorded meditation and community growth

Friday- Live meditation 9am CST

Saturday- Pre-recorded meditation

Sunday- self-practice and weekly workshop release


Who can join?

Anyone! This is open to all levels and encouraged for anyone who wants to start or deepen their meditation practice

What if I can't make the live practice?

No worries! All live practices and teaching will be recorded and available for replay immediately

How will my meditation BFF be assigned?

If you choose to have a meditation BFF you will be paired with a fellow accelerator in your timezone to check in as often as you want, and help one another stay on track

What is in the closed community?

This is a closed group where I will check in daily, share resources, we will cheer one another on, and celebrate wins and meet amazing like-minded people

What will I learn?

In the four weeks you will learn how to build your personal meditation practice, how to fit it into your day, work your way up to 30 minutes of daily meditation, learn how to meditate on your own (without a guide) and deal with common meditation struggles as well as get individualized and personal guidance from me every step of the way

How much is it?


Still have another question? Send Kelly an email at

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