Meditation Teacher Training

Want to share meditation with others and deepen your understanding of the practice? Join me for an online 30-hour immersive training

YFY Meditation Teacher Training

Learn how to share the practice of meditation with those around you. Take the top rated, Yoga Alliance course anywhere in the world! Complete this course at your own pace, gain the tools you need to teach meditation and explore and deepen your personal practice and understanding of meditation.

 This course is worth 30 continued ed hours with Yoga Alliance. 


During the course of this 30-hour training you will learn the foundations of meditation, the history and background of the practice, explore how to teach  the most common styles of meditation, and learn how to find your voice as a teacher. Take a deep dive into writing guided meditations, and how to teach 6 other styles of meditation as well as . This course also gives extensive training on the anatomy and physiology of meditation.  


Types of meditation covered

-Breath meditation

-Guided meditation

-Present moment meditation

-Walking meditation

-Mantras and repetition meditation



-Manifestation meditation

-Loving kindness meditation

Investment- $397 USD


After this training  is finished you will have the tools to start sharing meditation with anyone.  This training is for anyone who wants to learn how to teach meditation or just build on their personal practice, or offer meditation as a service. You will receive a certificate upon completion. 

This training is made up of video lectures, independent study, course manual work, workshops, and teaching practicums.

Next Sessions begins June 2022

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