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Sequence Yoga Classes Like A BOSS!

I used to spend 6-8 hours planning each yoga class I thought. 

Yup, 6-8 hours. 

Does that sound crazy to you? Because it sure sounds crazy to me!

I would stress over every little detail, I felt like my classes just weren't flowing, and I would rewrite them again and again because I didn't have a real method for sequencing, and I was going absolutely NUTS! 

So I had to create a method, and begin working smart and not harder. 

And you know what happened? Complete magic, and then I decided that others needed this method too, but let's face it- sequencing can make or break your class. 

Does this sound like you? 


Tired of spending hours on planning your yoga classes, waiting for inspiration for themes and ideas for just a few hours a week of teaching? Or maybe you feel like you are stuck in your sequencing and want to spice it up? Or maybe you were never really taught how to sequence in your YTT. 


I've felt all of these things. So I created the Sequence Yoga Classes Like A Boss Course. 


 In this online course you will become a master at sequencing yoga classes! Learn how to spend less time planning, more time teaching, and how to create amazing classes. SYCLAB will transform the way you plan, sequence, and execute your yoga classes! Get ready to have more time on your hands and learn a formula that I, and my students, have been using to build more free time and have a library of yoga classes that our students love!  


Get ready to sequence classes like an absolute BOSS! This course is worth 4 non contact hours from Yoga Alliance and has over 150 ideas for class themes, plans, flows, and other ideas to help you keep your students happy and your creativity and inspiration flowing! 

This course includes 

-The sequencing like a boss master class

-Course workbook

-5 bonus videos of sequencing samples

-Bonus PDF of a blank sequencing template, 3 free class plans, and theme ideas

-4 non-contact hours with Yoga Alliance

-Access to the closed YFY Crew group

Investment- $97