31 Day Meditation Challenge

10 Minutes each day for 31 days

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Turn your meditation hobby into a meditation habit. 

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What's the hardest part of meditation? 

Just getting started. 

You know meditation is good for you. 

You probably even meditate every once and a while and feel great after. 

You might even say things like "I know I should be meditating everyday but..."

 You still can't bring yourself to do it each day. 


Because it's not a habit yet. 

But that's all about to change.

Give me 10 minutes everyday for 31 straight days and I will help transform the way you look at meditation, and create a meditation habit that fit you. 

Each day you will have a different guided meditation, meditation practice, or mantra to guide you through your daily practice. 

And seriously, it's just 10 minutes each day. That's it. 

Not to mention you will have a journal to keep track of each day, celebrate your wins, and share daily gratitude and inspiration. I will also help you get set up wit the right meditation position, time of day, and instruction you need to get the most of this challenge. 

Here's what's included

-31 guided meditations/meditation practices (10 minutes daily)

-Short workshop on setting up your meditation practice/preparation for the 31-days 

-A PDF of a daily meditation journal to keep you on track

Investment- $49

Are you ready to finally make meditation a part of your daily life?